How it should be done…;)

I have just arrived home from a wonderful 12 days away in the States, 9 that really mattered..

Sitting and sipping just a finger or two of my duty free whiskey, trying to get over the damned jet lag that I did not feel until about an hour ago and thinking that it may help lull me to sleep eventually, but not for a while, I need to get back to my normal pattern.

You see, I just had the most wonderful 9 days with Yank 2…And remember thinking as I felt so sad taxi-ing out of Chicago a day or so ago and leaving that marvelously interesting, charming, sweet, vulnerable, disarming, extraordinarily intelligent, handsome, beautifully complex absolute gentle-man to boot, what a difference?!

I am perplexed. When I compare it with the “him” in my title, this gosh darn waste of words and blog…NO FUCKING CONTEST…

This man (yank 2) has more class in his little toe, on one foot mind you, than that other wanker ever had in all his life…sound harsh, wasn’t meant to be but my god when you see and experience such a profound difference in human behaviour, relationships…uhh

I wanted to write and catch every wonderful moment, but we just spent quality time together. And quality it was. From the time I arrived and he picked me up at the airport..his beautiful cheeky peek around the pilon right near me and when I saw it I was immediately thrilled and laughed at the same time. That is the difference. We laugh together. The kiss…

This man knows how to treat a woman. Something Yank 1 said and professed profusely but did not have a clue about.

I had to write about it. I no longer care..the past is well past. It was an experience but one that affected me immensely at that time in my life. But irrespective of what happened I knew yank 2 and I would connect on a much better level. We have been talking on skype for a long long time.

We have our…issues, not he and I but us individually. We are not good at relationships either of us. And we did have a ‘moment’ once in the entire time but seem to sort it, because we like being with each other.

From our road trip to Memphis, we were in the car for long hours driving there and back, but we were good. We got to see Graceland, a highlight in so many ways. And had a great night out on Beale st, we saw Sun Studios and Stax..Soulsville, my god I was in absolute awe.

Jazz and blues in Chicago, Pool and drinks at his local which was a charming little bar near where he lives. Oh dear, so many wonderful days and nights..

ITS HOW ITS DONE…opening the car door for a woman, walking on the road side to protect her from traffic, just a numerous amount of things that I was …I thought that was an older courtesy that was old and long gone. But let me tell you, chivalry is not quite gone. This man has it in spades and I am so lucky he is in my life. After all this time.

So grateful.

And he has a beautiful soul.

I want to write more but  am so tired right now, and what little whiskey is left in my glass I want to savour as I look out at this marvelous view, listen to good music and remember so many wonderful days with him…and ponder… the life beyond…

Love and whitelight xx



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