The strange world of dating

I have been here in Sydney for a while now a month and a half or so and things have been quite good really with the exception of missing my sons knowing now it is a 3 plus hour plane ride across the country to be able to put my arms around  them.

That is a tug of love.

In the meantime work is going well, I have great colleagues and a good boss. I have moved into a shared apartment with a man in his early 40’s who seems nice enough…but with men you never know especially these days. He is single and looking for much younger women so I am safe!!

Then there is the Yank (no. 2). He and I have been ‘dating’ well on skype and email and phone for a number of months now and all seemed to be going well until a couple of days ago when I thought I would revisit out earlier conversations on the dating site where we met and I discovered he is still on there A and B apparently ‘a vain man, likes to know who is checking him out…’ and a number of other so called reasons why it is ‘pretty harmless ‘ unless he intends to respond if anyone contacts him…

Now, seriously? Am just being insecure or is there a problem with this considering we were supposedly seeing each other? Would anyone else  think as I do that if you are kinda with some one leaving the door open allows your options to remain open?

He is in the process of changing his shifts at work so we can Skype date on the weekends and have more hours together. He invited me to be his plus one at a family wedding there in Chicago but unfortunately I can mot now get the leave from work. We speak everyday pretty much…

Can someone please tell me if I am losing my mind?

Love and whitelightxxx


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