Venus and Mars and bars…

Oh dear…it’s been a while. I do love blogging but times lately, well..and tonight..several cocktails to the wind…from misery to ball-siness in 10 seconds flat..

Yank number 2 (Chicago boy) has been taking up a little of my time. Over his work break we Skyped (one day for 7 hours, the next for 5 plus numerous emails daily and phone calls over  number of weeks a couple of months ) when I finally managed to fix my ability to skype..bloomin HP laptops and a whole host of other failing issues for which I must say I had a good edumacation (sic) poste haste on reconfiguration, reinstalling drivers yada..

Now I must say, Yank 2 is a vast improvement on Yank 1 (Arizona A-Hat although originally from Pennsylvania does that matter I don’t know..I am not a yank aficionado. ) Mind you they could not be more different. One aggressive and over confident about his ‘achievements an abilities” the other open and able to show his vulnerabilities and crazy quirkiness without being an ass-hat..

One with a supposed decent bank account (quite frankly, I did not give a flying fig about that…been there done that! And honestly I think he vastly overstated!) and amazing achievements in the corporate world..supposed. The other doing honest good work.yet not overly financial..(not that that matters)..somewhat menial but who cares, it is honest and solid, he is cultured, quite intelligent, and he is infinitely better at communicating irrespective of it being the asshats  (yank 1) apparent forte linked to his job….and yet..

I have come to realise that there are shortcomings no matter what. Be they physical, psychological or financial (once again..I do not give a flying fig about that )

Its about real and connection and being a decent human being..

Ohh dear…cocktails prevail..they are kicking in big time…went to the gym today for the first time in weeks and worked hard..I think  body has had enough for now…to be continued…missed you…bloggosphere..

Love and whitelight xx


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