Two weeks on…do not rely on recruiters!

Its been almost 2 weeks since my last post and things have changed quite quickly in that time. I have just finished my first week back in full time permanent employment…yippeee! And by goodness it feels so good even though I am quite tired mentally, but that is normal when you go back to work for the first time in a while.

There is absolutely no way I can write my blog during the week now, well at present, because I am up at 5am and on the bus by 5.30am, at work by 7am; yes it takes an hour and a half commute to work  (2 buses and a train ride and same back), that is how sprawled Perth is, I have a damned solid day at work (lets say usually I won’t get home til between 7.30pm and 8.30pm depending on if I go to the gym also for an hour after work, which I am keeping up because as I have said all along it is my natural antidepressant after 17 years on the pill kind….and now it has been 18 months since I came off them..and it also gives me physical stamina) which even though I have only just started the work is fast and thick, but I love it that way and these days I am physically and mentally up for the challenge! I worked hard to get to this place I did alot of work on myself over a very challenging time. I am pretty chuffed with myself, finally!. LOL.

I have to say that I got the job myself, not via a Recruitment agency..of which I am registered with at least 10 of them here in Perth. As a general rule they are OK, but, they have vested interest. It’s called KPI’s. And if they think you are not a sure thing for their numbers you won’t even get a look in even if you have a storage of experience but had to take some time out for personal and family issues. They are biased and flawed.

I think I mentioned recently in my last post that I was at yet another recruiter going through their standard bullshit, same rote line of questioning and these 20 something know it all’s told me I would have issues finding full-time perm employ because of my time out and that they thought it best to look at temp work to ‘get your foot in the door’; honey, the only interviews I got and went to over these last weeks ( 5 in total in a bad employment market) ie getting my foot in the door was not by your efforts, I went straight to the horse and the horse saw enough potential in me to want to interview me! No thanks to you.

So I called this last recruiter up, who gave me the attitude; oh yes there was more negative feedback and sage advice (not) at that recruiters interview, and I let them know I had secured a job and was no longer available…out of courtesy. “Oh, really, that’s good news; who is it with and who placed you?” thinking it was the competition that did and I just said ‘thank you for your time’, she said ‘please keep in touch, and let us know if you need any further help in the future’ WTF??!!…not bloody likely…and I am not giving you a contact for the business, you can get off your naive robotic arse and work for it!! March to those KPI’s hup ..2..3……LOL.

I am probably sounding a tad resentful, and believe me that is not my usual modus operandi these days but if you could’ve been a fly on the wall in that Recruiters interview with these 2 girls you would understand why I felt as I did. It was a long arduous road, and they weren’t the only ones who wasted my time. But it is over now. Relief. And grateful.

So the sky is blue, finally. There is still the issue of my son’s health but I can not do anything for him at this stage, except love him as much as I do. And I have to earn an income to survive and also get my life back on track. It will enable me to soon move closer to the city and closer to my sons so I can spend more time with them and that is my ultimate goal.

I realise now the rest of the shamozzle will sort itself, and it ain’t that important anyway!

On New Years I hadn’t made any resolutions, but I did have goals. I realised I had to prioritize and compartmentalise things and ultimately not only have faith that the universe would provide but also have faith in myself.

Life and many things can push you to the limit, but ultimately if you believe you will get through it, you will.

Another lot of lessons learned!  Love and whitelight xxx


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