Just a thought for others with struggles right now….its Psych day…


It’s Friday, psych day, usually draining but hopefully not as much today based on how I am feeling. I start more intensive next week to try move beyond this holding pattern I somehow find myself in. I must say though this morning the load seemed a little lighter yet again. Thoughts of him quickly dissipated, others not too obtrusive and less painful. No miracles expected but hope is there again. Is it truly possible to clear out things that have held you down for most of your life? Is it possible to really re-program you mind to free yourself enough to live the best life you can from that point on?

I have been feeling like maybe the strength or power of it all (the crap) is starting to go as well. Fingers crossed. That may sound like a lighthearted thing to say but I am tired of the heavy merde. My mind needs relief as well as release. It has been very tiring. I want my energy back. I want my life back.


When you have spent months and weeks in a dark place it is scary to think that all going well the end of this horrible chapter in my life may mean the sky is the limit, but it is also something I want to embrace wholeheartedly and without fear or negativity…this is has to happen…it will. One step at a time.

Have a lovely day all, love and white light x


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