A welcome experience…a moment of peace and light

Yesterday I had the amazing experience of seeing the Dalai Lama who gave a talk to 12,000 people hoping for some words of guidance on inner peace. What an incredible peaceful, compassionate soul. You can not help but feel at peace in his presence. He mesmerizes, he speaks in honest intention and wisdom. He speaks of love tolerance and compassion. He values science and education. At one stage he hilariously referred to himself as half scientist!  His talk was infused with warm and funny moments, his holiness has a wonderful sense of humour and sense of self. He admits his human-ness openly and also admits that religion does not give all the answers as some may think. He did not preach but spoke through his soul and his wisdom.

That was what I found most striking about him. He felt that somehow in time it is possible to cultivate a ‘sense of oneness’ amongst the 7 billion people in this world.

He said far too many focus on the material and sensory satisfaction which only gives temporary satisfaction instead of what is intrinsically human; our want to help each other in a time of need, our compassion and love.

At the question time after his talk he was asked a series of questions from ordinary Australians seeking answers. One lady commented that she had everything; a good marriage, great house, car, wonderful children so why did she still feel so empty inside?

He simply said after he joked that we all had a gap inside such as our stomachs etc! He said he could not answer that but that we all at times feel empty and that our connectedness, compassion, love was within us and that only we ourselves could fill what we view as emptiness. That everything starts from within ourselves.

There was so much in what he said that resonated. I wish I had recorded the many wonderful insights he brought and I found as the talk went on my worries, my self seem to be lost in respite and I felt a warmth pervade my body that I have not felt for long time. It was a marvelous feeling. I am very grateful for that experience.

As I emerged from the Arena feeling a wonderful sense of peace there was a group of protesters making an almighty racket banging drums and chanting that the Lama was a liar and other insults. The rhythmic beat of the drum and anti chant brought me back out to reality..the noise had returned and even though it was not my personal fight it disturbed me that the peace could be shattered so easily.

Then I thought about what he had said. Forgiveness, compassion, love. And then the noise faded into the distance again. The incredible feeling of being able to centre yourself by remembering that if you come from a place of love, compassion and forgiveness you allow warmth and light into yours and others lives, it radiates.

I know it is something I must be conscious of and practice in order for it to eventually take the place of all the darkness, hurt and pain that I have had focused within me for what seems so long now that I could not see there being a way through it. But there is, and through one we can educate another and then another and hopefully that warmth can spread beyond ourselves to all because as his holiness says we all have a right to a happy life and inner peace. But it starts from within.

I walked into the centre of the city and met my son. The perfect end to a lovely day. And for one day the darkness was gone. Now to remember each day the recipe that brought that peace and warmth and put it into practice, NAMASTE…..hmmmm


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