Giving it a rest!…..and TED talks…”Why you will fail to have a great career” and “Before I die I want to”

I am starting to think that if I keep writing about the same stuff I’m going to bore myself to death! And quite possibly the faithful readers of my blog who although not vast in numbers hang in there through my bellyaching and crazy banter. It has become slightly addictive as well as cathartic truth be told. A way to have a conversation en masse although I’m doing all the talking at the moment.

IT HAS BEEN A BLOODY TOUGH TIME of late, once again I say hand on heart “I know I am not the only one” and I know there is a long way to go aside from the bravado.

So I have decided to “give it a rest today” yup, As much as I love writing my blog and fully intend on continuing sometimes you have to just take real ‘time out’..switch off from social media, turn the phone off…pull out of every little thing that takes your mind and time to soothe your soul away from you and then just create some ZEN. Going to do that today. Its time.

So before I do I want to mention some wonderful TED talks I have been watching this morning which have caused me to say I just need time to think and reflect and then perhaps get myself in a space where I can experience that Zen. Try recalibrate.

These are only a couple of many I have watched, access to these and many wonderful talks through TED are an absolute gift among other wonderful things…

Larry Smith – On’ why you will fail to have a great career’ (Unless)

And Candy Chang ‘Before I die I want to’
Have a great day. With love and whitelight xxxx

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