I’ve spent too many years at war with myself….Gotta love the Martini..gotta love Sting

Got to love the Martini…you derive more benefit from less drinks…all well! Feckin yippee..

Listening to classics; Mona Lisa- Nat King Cole, Ill Wind – Billie Holiday and others and then the years progress, ’77 and 10CC Things we do for Love, I was particularly flummoxed about the line “a compromise will surely help the situation” well not mine, you haven’t met JOE!!

And then this wonder by the marvelous Sting https://youtu.be/0aQhIxRMcDk  ” Consider me gone”. Great lyrics;

“I’ve spent too many years at war with myself, doctors have told me, its no good for my health”.

Sting reminds me of my time back in London 1985, I was meandering through life in London, met some interesting people including a guy who wrote for the long defunct Musician Magazine and eventually Rolling Stone etc Vic Garbarini. We would meet for coffee’s regularly and chat after meeting each other in a 7 Eleven where after I had said to him “I am going to be Australia’s answer to Madonna” he must have thought, this bird is just crazy enough to do it! I didn’t obviously, but at one stage he mentioned to me about being at this Chateau in France with Sting when Sting was making another of my favorite albums “The Dream of the Blue Turtles”. And I remember at the time I was thinking yeah, I don’t know.

We kept in touch for a while even after he returned to the states. I think I remember him saying his brother or someone close (he wasn’t gay himself not that that’s relevant or matters) had contracted Aids at that horrible time in the 80’s where ignorance prevailed. I felt so sad for him.

Anyway a number of years later and we had lost touch I came across the DVD for the the Dream of the Blue Turtles and in the Chateau, one of the songs I cant remember which right now but there, in the frame was Vic as he had said. I remember thinking, well blow me down he was serious! Not that I really doubted him.

That same time in London I remember being accosted by some people who thought I was a London Goth, it was how I happened to be dressed one day, winklepicker boots mine were lace ups and all, black clothes. They asked me to have my photo taken with some American Hip Hop artists The Fat Boys, they took photos of me aiming for the bottom of one of the boys with my winklepickers….never did get the copies of the photos mind you I was kinda transient at that stage. Wish I had copies though.

Whilst there I dated a guy that wrote some songs for  80’s divas Bananarama. One morning I remember him showing me a royalties cheque he had just got in the post.

That was an interesting year. It was the year I lost touch with Joe.


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