Stay “Happy”! Does Pharrell put happy drops in his musical formula?!…Cheers! Got my download Driven to tears…

I intend staying happy today, and I have just spent hours talking to my friend in Sydney who sent me the beautiful card I posted about yesterday…hours… and we drank wine as we bantered about magnificent things, as I said he is amazing. I know some of the most amazing men who I seriously can imagine would be the most amazing husbands but for very good reasons its not your match.

It’s amazing how in these times we can have almost a social occasion without going outside the door. It is almost like being at a friends place and sitting and having drinks and talking but the only thing missing is the visual cues. I guess we could have skyped?! But phone and wine were fine for us until we can catch up again.

So I am again anesthetized but in a good way, and its been a good day, and I am aware of how I may feel tomorrow and I will deal with that tomorrow. I hate looking at things under the microscope but at times and with honest intention and added view of others you must look at your behavior and own it and realise that as a consequence of your actions, decisions you made opened yourself to what occurs

And then there is the other factor the other part of the equation, the other person. Needless to say I discussed things I didn’t think I would recall about my time with the man I thought I would be with for the rest of my life and he understood why I walked when I did and in fact asked me how I could even contemplate loving this man. It’s over anyway.

So now, several wines to the wind and feeling good still I am listening to music, I am with my “friend” music

I downloaded a song that I heard when I was in a sports store,  I was trying to kill time whilst I was in Gilbert, Arizona my ridiculous time with that man, then as I flew out of Phoenix, then again as I flew out of Los Angeles, I had this song on repeat… because irrespective of the fact that I had just been with man who had NO IDEA HOW TO TREAT A GOOD WOMAN it, the song was by a man that loves and respects women so much..its rare but not unheard of….I love you Pharrell… we need more of you in the world…and I love Daft Punk too, they remind me of my sons and our dance around the coffee table when they were little.

Love this song : Gust of Wind – Pharrell Williams

And that song ..thanks to “Joe” from Itunes who was a marvelous help with the song that didn’t download properly;

Driven to Tears – The Police

Awesome. … I still feel a slight guilt about enjoying myself..with alcohol because of him…its not his say anymore, and I am OK

MUSIC AND WINE, how can I not be??

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