What right do I have to complain?

Today I am struggling to write. For the first time in my blogging journey. The words won’t flow. And yet what right do I have to complain…?

I had written a long winded whine and explanation about how I am starting to lose the plot, woe is me and a very dear friend just messaged me apologising for not getting a birthday wish to me earlier and I was blown away by it…WHY?

Because…she has very recently lost the love of her life, her truly loved life partner her husband and childrens’ father from a long battle with illness and as soon as I read her message I snapped out of the fecking negative and said…by goodness what is wrong with you girl (meaning me) snap the hell out of it, can’t you see you are not the only one in pain?

I know it is not a competition about who’s pain is more worthy…that’s just bloody crazy…but her strength and courage let alone her beautiful words to me of understanding and care…..ohhhh geez….., signing off for now, love and white light x

PS here is an E card my beautiful oldest son sent me today and if you have read my story about what he is going through you will understand why I am amazed by him…I am very blessed and grateful x


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