Photo time…3 Jack’s neat! I’ve almost got dreadlocks…but the curtain is open,,,


God bless Jack! Jack White AND JACK DANIELS or Gentleman Jack to be correct….

I’ve decided to post a before and after photo and I HATE photos of me..there aren’t many… so before….Whilst I was in Arizona 3 or so weeks ago and now…slightly broken, unshowered…well only for 4 days!! hair is hell I think I am getting dreadlocks in the back of my head….BUT….the curtains are pulled open slightly…for now…

I just laughed at some of the lyrics of Jacks songs;…..Just one drink…Black bat licorice…I think I found the culprit, alone in my home, the albums on repeat again…geez this guy…mad but good….

I know I will regret posting images tomorrow… what….too bad…


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