Jack White: “i don’t belong here … most of the time it’s torture trying to find reasons to stay” (Quote COS website)

The tortured artist syndrome? Tortured Soul? Madperson? At least he has the creative genius to back it up! I so relate to so much he says and not just verbally….I wished I lived in Tennesee…I would not be able to stop myself from plonking myself down cross legged on the lawn of his marvelous grounds and camp there until he responds to my chant “Jack, lets just chinwag”!  I find him so fascinating. Let me be your muse, I’m a tortured soul!. And I find myself listening to his music regularly, sometimes on repeat over and over again. Matter of fact I am so enticed to take a break from my self imposed exile and torture by grabbing my bottle of Jack and listening to Jack! Yes…it just might help give some relief today. I no longer condone acts of drunkedness brought on by self pity but by god I need relief today….I will not go back to medication even though alcohol is of sorts…I can control its use these days….a gift from Joe…a legacy…he did not like me to drink and I still feel his disappointment in me when I do.

Lately its been a song from one of my favourite albums Lazaretto “Would you fight for my love”.  “Want and able” is also regularly on repeat…it’s both funny and clever.

music…my best friend, my soul mate…..

YES, I think I will have a conversation with Jack….then hopefully fall into a blissful sleep for a while at least…for today…

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