Dear god I’d forgotten DAVE…(GROHL)…THE BEST OF YOU….and my son Kieran…

Oh boy….still at it…now on to wine, but comfortably numb as Pink Floyd would say…nice…for now…..body doesn’t want to seem to quit yet and then I put the Foo Fighters on….I have loved Dave Grohl..everything he does since Nirvana and this comes on;     THE BEST OF YOU…Foo Fighters

… of my anthems and I’m sure I not the only one…..there are many Foo’s songs and Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures and Dave’s many other associations with brilliant bands and musicians. But the Foo’s my goodness. They are AWESOME LIVE….last time I saw them Jack Black was touring with them and he was brilliant too! Good positive memories and experience..what its all about, amongst the frigging quagmire of my life I have some damn good memories.

Dancing around the big wooden coffee table in my lounge with my boys when they were little even Jords at that stage…he could…there was always music in the house…god I miss those times…I can still see their elfin faces…but NO ONE can take those memories and times away…what a gift, a blessing. I know Kieran likes the Foo’s too. My Kieran. What a brilliant soul. A big brother to his ill big brother…he took that responsibility upon himself from such a young age. I was so concerned and I told him one day “Kib, you don’t need to always look after your brother you need time to be a kid too”

One day, he had been awfully trying and mischievous and I remember I got quite cross and said “Kieran what do you think you are doing?”

And he said “I’m just being a kid mum!!” Bam…I couldn’t argue with that the smart little thing LOL! And he is exceptionally smart still and lovely and I am very proud of him too. At that time he was only about 8 or 9!!

The Album One By One…ahhh…”All my life”… “times like these” “Low”.. then other favorites of so many grreat albums “Learn to Fly” “The pretender” “Long road to ruin” “Everlong” ahhh

I am cranking up the Foo’s…..


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