D5 P8 Last for tonight but important…Yo girls…we deserve the best…feck the institution…

I have just spent a good portion of the night in a kind of …ahh how to describe it…in support of a dear friend who as it transpires is a recipient of not a nice piece of deception, maybe not consciously intentioned but hurtful nevertheless. I love my friends both male and female, but I cant abide by any more wank and bullshit from middle aged men who seem hell bent on the DOUBLE STANDARD. They get to a point where their expectation of women is so much higher and they don’t see that they are no where near what their own requirements are and yet they get away with it because they are either financially powerful or its just that there are these DUMB FUCKING WOMEN who keep stroking these guys ego’s because they are pathetic without the financial support of these men….I want to slap them…where is the sisterhood?

NO I DON’T BELIEVE IN BALL BREAKING…SERIOUSLY…I believe in equality and honesty…

Not only am I going through  my own form of personal torture courtesy of a self professed ALPHA MALE (why would you even be proud of that label???)…mind you as I say it I say..WHAT? there are many worse things going on in this world get a grip…

Told you…sometimes I seem actually more lucid when I am drunk. It’s almost as if it makes the seratoninus (!sic!) connection in my brain fire in the absence of 17 years of the chemical intervention…could that be?…how can we know..who will put money into a scientific study that goes against the powerful dollar building of the pharma’s that seem to get away with and pervade government regulations worldwide…is there a country who has the balls to stand up and say ‘I know you fuckers have a cure for cancer and you need to share it now rather than keep making millions from the reliance you have caused on drugs that purely maintain a person’s life for a period of time…hence more money made…if we were cured there is no FECKING RESIDUAL INCOME…

I will probably at some stage get my arse kicked for many a thing I say but frankly I JUST DON’T CARE….I am now being AUTHENTIC….

Now..once again I digress..there is so much that pisses me off and yet in this far away little isolated country town I live in really, how can I have an impact? Particularly, when locally this city is run by dinosaurs and piss pockets that kiss each others arse with such a frequency I am baffled that anything gets done at all!!!

I’m going now..I just heard Justin Timberlake’s gorgeous voice, unfortunately a song I heard in the car after taking Joe’s daughter to school one of the last times whilst I was with him…I knew it would become part of a torturous memory….. and I really don’t want to think too hard anymore tonight…LOVE AND WHITE LIGHT xxx

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