D5 P7…A martini and Jack White…..Kiss me Jack…..;)

Ahhhh my god…kiss the Gin gods…a dry dry dirty martini is akin to paradise at times….. although a good Margherita kicks arse too…sheesh…I am so the anti-Joe right now, he didn’t like me drinking or ‘partying’ as he called it!!..but funnily I think he and I could have had a lot of fun together, I know we did years ago….

Jack White…now there is an incredible talent, out there, I have a number of his albums..White Stripes etc. Right now I am cranking;

I WANT YOU TO FIGHT FOR MY LOVE…from Lazaretto, awesome album. I once sent the song to Joe..when we were having yet another ‘moment’…now that I think of it..there were many ‘moments’,,,

I know he read all of my emails, yes I sent more than he…but he was able to quote in response things from several of my previous emails…it seemed he read and in his way acknowledged them in a tidy response…

MY GOD WHAT A FRUSTRATING MAN…on every bloody level. Ahh damnn…right when I thought I had successfully erased the bastard from my mind FUCKING POP…he’s there again… SORRY for my language…I’m quite enebriated….and happy I thought!!! LOL

OOOHHH …YEAH GODS thanks for bringing the Bonnie Raitt’s of this world into our earmosphere….I love this woman….I try as I can to sing her songs with some dignity….I have a bloody good voice but bugger me I can not get the same resonance….its like a bloody good whiskey…smooth….I guess I need to stop writing at the moment so I can enjoy this awesome music….and think about life beyond him….he doesn’t deserve my thoughts right now……


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