Ahhh my god…Hootie and the Blowfish…LET HER CRY…what an awesome song, turning it UP…..That is an American resonance for me….I love the voice..the lyrics and great music…it evokes the magnificent scenery and places I visited when I was there; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, FECKING ARIZONA!!!! :P…Chicago, New Orleans, New York, North Carolina….I need to go back and do the states again and again….in a caddy or mustang…YES Mustang convertible with a good stereo and play these awesome songs and talk to the awesome people I met everywhere as I traveled there….

YES… there are AWESOME people in the states….even Joe had his moments…hahaha…I’m laughing now but I know I will feel him inside of me for sometime to come and unfortunately pain….I can’t believe that the gorgeous man I thought I knew no longer exists…there is no point in thinking bad about anyone….I don’t believe we are born evil or nasty or anything more…I believe we become a product of our environment…feck genetics…prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt and maybe I’ll listen!!!

So now what?…I just spent a good few hours between good friends in a subtle subterfuge that I DID NOT want to be involved in. I had messages on my phone…one from Joe 2! Ironic..another friggin Joe…sheesh.. I think that name will haunt me to my grave….aye carumba

OOOHHH EARTH WIND AND FIRE…..Cranking it as I make myself a martini…ran out of my marvelous wine…….


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