D5 P4…So where are you Joe? Do you have the Bazookas to reply to me??!!

I have no pride left!  A bazookered heart does that to you! And as I said I am anethetised….right now…I can see Joe going TSK TSK…or worse!!!!! hahaha

By god AUSTRALIAN WINE kicks arse….am I allowed to name names without a lawsuit? (Angove’s Nine Vines Grenache Shiraz Rose!!)…. why did I stop? ANd now I have a fantastic Australian band playing Powderfinger..now defunct unfortunately and the song “Not my kinda scene”..I am schitzo. I love my country and many things about it and then after a couple of trips to the United States I also feel an affinity with it, and its people, the kindness, the politeness that I sometimes find us Aussies lack!

Why in blazes do you stop living a life based on other’s say so? IS THAT AUTHENTIC

Ohhh Fleetwood Mac….GO YOUR OWN WAY…cranking this up….gonna dance around the room…..woohooo!

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